Friday, May 7, 2010

Happy One!

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Thursday, May 6, 2010


A year of little man, a whole year passed, and you have our hearts in your chubby little hands.
A year of sweet kisses and splashes in the mud, all these things won the heart of even our little K bug.
A year full of all boy; big trucks, and bugs, thank goodness you still love to give us your big squishy hugs.
Late night snuggles with momma, quiet time while you nurse, so many silly songs that I made up more than one verse.
Water is your favorite toy, bath, puddles, heck, even the toilet brings you joy! Trucks go vroom, and the sheep says baa, your favorite… hi Dada!
Your chubby little legs, your monster growls, you are growing up so fast, time is certainly flying away from us somehow.
Hi, Dada and Boo, those were your firsts, then came Ma Ma for me and even a Ra Ra for sister, you sure are getting talkative mister.
A smile and wave for everyone you meet, how did we get a little man who is so sweet.
A year ago I couldn’t wait to see you, now tonight as I peek in while you sleep, you remind me of the day you were in this world so new.
When the sun comes up, your baby days are done, Have a good sleep… when you wake up you will be one!!