Monday, May 23, 2011

Take 2.

Buggie, Your second graduation of preschool was adorable... and even made me cry a little.... who is this beautiful big smart and sassy girl walking with her friends to show off all shes learned off on her own in school. You have been talking about the solar system, weather cycle, counting, spelling, the continents, and all kind of big girl things. More importantly you have learned to be independent, be a better friend, be kind and caring, and have a life that is yours.... you are so awesome. Now we get summer, to swim and play and be just us... until next year.... one more year of preschool and then time must stop.... you are just to big.

Friday, May 13, 2011

two two....

YOU ARE TWO!! Whoo!!! baby boy, the time has gone so fast. When i first met you ryan, my heart melted... and you still have that effect on me today. You are a snuggle bunny. So so awesome at giving lots of love, hugs and kisses and are in general a sweet kid. You like to keep the peace and share, laugh constatnly and have the best tickle giggle i have EVER heard. You are looking for boys these days, You are surrounded by cute girls... i think it will help your game as you grow up.... but.... dad is worried you like it to much so we have sought out some awesome buff little dudes to be men with. You like swords, guns, dogs, food, sweets, lolly pops, swimming, tv, being loud, playing ball, swinging, dancing, BUZZ! really ry, theres nothing you dont like, you love brushing teeth, are a great sleeper... oh veggies, ya that not so much. you are so friendly, funny and cute i have such high hopes for the man you will become. i love getting to know you everyday, and i know when you are a man, you will still be mommas boy. xoxo beefy.