Friday, November 28, 2008

round two...

apparently she loves pumpkin pie ( but just that night... only if daddy feeds it to her )
being a big kid at the table having meatballs

grandma, uncle matt, daddy and her cousins

me and my turkeys

we had round two last night and Mikay had so much fun with her cousins, even though they pick on her she wants to be just like them! they are so funny and try to take care of her and she gets so excited when they play the way she wants them too, it will be so neat to see them together in a few years when she can keep them in line! HA! we love our families even though they are a bunch of turkeys!

Thursday, November 27, 2008

gobble gobble

Mikaylas very own dinner..
cheese ball little turkey!
helping grandma bake pies

me and my girl.

little sweetie pie!

We had so much fun in round one of turkey day, now we are headed to mikes familys, more pics to come im sure!
ps i love having the internet for a few days!

Thursday, November 6, 2008

all done...

So ever since Grandma and Uncle Shawn came to visit, Mikay has decided to move out. She gets her bag, comes and kisses us good-bye, waves and goes to the door and yells for Shawn. How funny is it that she can copy cat exactly what they did, and she knows exactly where she wants to go. It kinda breaks your heart huh, one years old and yep, shes all done with mom and dad!

what a difference

A Year ago today this is how you and mommy hung out,

Now you are a big girl and you and mom can do so many fun things together. You love to go to the park, go for walks, look for birds, dance, and eat sweets with me too! You are funny, independent, and super smart. I miss all the baby snuggles, but love spending this time together, you are one of my favorite people to be with.

Ducks Everywhere!

We had so much fun at a park by our house the other day feeding ducks, and running in the grass. There were so many ducks thanks to the bag of bread daddy brought and it kinda scared her I think! She thought it was so fun to run really fast down the big hills and at one point her body got a head of her feet and this is what happend... poor thing!

Saturday, November 1, 2008


Mikay was a brave little ducky last night and got mom and dad so much yummy candy! We had alot of fun going trick or treating and loved watching our little duck waddle up and down the street. She had a great time playing with all the candy and wrappers, and even got a few m&m's. The word of the night BOO!