Friday, January 28, 2011


Good night house, Thank you for a beautiful day. Thank you for not minding i didn't sweep your floors and clean your walls. Thank you for keeping all our toys right in the same spot so we can start fresh again in the morning. Thank you for bouncing the giggles off the walls and sending the laughter out your windows for the world to hear. Thank you for letting us feel safe and comfortable enough to be who we want to be. Thank you for the doors to shut quiet babies behind so mom and dad can talk and laugh into the night. Our home is ours, and although it may not be fancy, or always perfect clean, it holds millions of memories inside its walls.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Just Being

this is mks world, lots of love with all these kiddos. and my support team, it takes a villiage.

this picture melts my heart, look at the people who love us enough to be there to celebrate rys one! hes a lucky dude.m and Em, aww back in the day

m and em, have been bff since they were 3 months old or so, and know, a whole sibling for both later, we love being with them as much now as then.

even mommys made some aswesome friends!

Jackson, ahh... we just cant get enough j man, these guys have been buds forever to, and ry loves to be with an older man and is learning lots from this guy. we could adopt him and he would fit. right. in.

Brinley and her fmaily have become our other half out here in the boonies. we can spend everyday together and never get sick of it. these girls to be girly together, and baby ky and ryan have.. well kinda been flirting. =)

Karter and Ryan were chubby little fat babies together, its so nice having a little man, ryans size to be with, they recognize eachother and are trouble all day long!

As a lot of you know we have been in the in between for a few weeks here, and ug, let me tell you that is not a place i like to be. i like to know when i wake up and go to bed every night whats next and not knowing sorta drove me, to drink~ oops... i mean, crazy.i just couldn't stop thinking about everyone we love, and all the time and love that has gone into these friendships we have. some of them are new and fun, and day to day people are the ones who get us through the days... and i know i know, wherever we go, these people will be... people to go have lunch with, or meet at the park, but its the people that i can go over to their houses with dirty kids, and no shoes on ( wow we sound homeless ) and just sit around, eat chocolate and let the kiddos duke it out.. or play, or whatever they do at this age. We love eachothers kids enough to know that every second of thier lives is important and we are lucky enough to share it with. People i would not want to have to explain to mikayla they wont be there today. people that i can have any conversation with in the world, and who get it. when we moved up here these people were only people on the phone for me, the Tucson chicks who I've known my whole life and i thought, this can never happen again, it will take a life time to find these people, and weirdly enough... in three years of being here, some in a matter of a year i find my self closer to these people i could have ever imagined. some of these peoples kids are like my kids at this point, we can do sleepovers, long play dates, and they feel like an extension of my kids...and even better, my kids have these people in their lives for them. people who treat my kids like family. awesome. i would have gone crazy with out you guys. all of you. and i know moving, if not us, but other people is inevitable. but i hope through the powers of something bigger they will all always be a part of us. its easy to forget how much you love someone. so i know I've missed a million posts about Christmas and Ryan being however months but here are just some pictures of us, just being with who we love, and where we love.