Wednesday, January 27, 2010



My upside down
My Do you see this boy

My kisses on a dirty face

My eyes that see the world so big

My smile that makes me laugh

My up when I am down

My maybe this is something cool

My big new world chubby little hands boy

My face that is my light

My grrr are you scared yet

My please fix this

My geez ma im good face

My way to cool for words face

My oh my goodness little man

Saturday, January 16, 2010


i LOVE everything about you but tonight i love:
the way you bob on my face with your mouth for a binky wen your sleepy
the way you smack your lips when i say are you hungry
they way you get so excited for food
how you clap one hand to the other, lazy
how you wave and look at your hand in amazement
how you cant focus on your food cuz sis is so much fun
how you crawl to the bathtub and try to climb in
how you know what tubby with bubby means
how you roll tight to your belly and curl up to sleep
how you hold hands when you nurse
that you smile when you see me
that you giggle just bc we do
that you sing after me
that you kiss on command
that you wont eat peas
that you smell yummy
that you have a manly bruise on your face
that you watch tv k maybe not love that
that you hug when you get picked up out of bed
that you cry when sis takes toys
that you are all man
that you are still my baby boy
that you are my forever son shine

Wednesday, January 6, 2010