Tuesday, September 21, 2010


So today started out kinda smelly, okay, really smelly... the kind of stink your eyes water when you pick the beef up from his bed and get slimed on stink. yea the little pooper went bananas in his bed and there was. shit. everywhere. gotta love early shower, and that awesome load of " please please come out clean laundry" followed by the awesome cloud of febreeze that makes its own awesomeness. following a day when i was passed out cold sick on the floor with no ac day today is promising. the ac is blasting at a beautiful 72, yes, i know, but i will get my seven hundred dollars out of you ac if its the last thing i do. we are going splashing today, nice. however, the weather report says showers... so do you pack up and go splash or just wait, for the rain that may come... ya you guessed it were going, even though i know when we get home and dry it will rain buckets and i coulda saved me some gas. gotta love it. little beef has snot from here to the moon but sharing sisters antibiotics ( shh don't tell the dr) seems to have made them somewhat go away. and oh yes, pam... you are bouncing around, yelling about who's waffles are bigger, begging for oliva and asking for more purple juice, so you my dear are just like normal. thank god for miss.backpack loving mk as much as we do, im terrified of her going to kinder and having a teacher who just doesn't have the same sense of humor we all do, and when k reminds her that her name is pam fartsalot we will get a nasty letter home about appropriate words in school. keep your fingers crossed for a ms.poopsalot or something just as awesome, or maybe a man teacher, maybe he would get it. okay so this was random, yes, i just felt like writing and today, sharing, in all its weirdness. thanks for listing blogger.com, and whoever else is still checking in on us here! im ready for a super low key vacay, back in time to like the "good ol days" any one wanna come...?

Friday, September 3, 2010

Three...how can it be?!

My beautiful girl, no way that your three today. You have been such a huge part of my heart for three wondreful years now and I love every minute of you. You are smart, sassy, funny, naughty, silly, and super super creative and I can not imaginge you any other way. I love that you are super into pretend, making up funny words, games and names for everyone... Our family has two beautiful children, Pam Fartsalot and Beef Hot Link, and we are so blessed. You are a joy Mikayla, You make everyone you meet smile, you are smarter than you probably should be and i think its super great! You have a lot of friends, all of whom you completley adore and ask for often. I love that you love your brother "beef" and hug him after school and always want to wake him up during naps, although you two fight like cats and dogs you are buddies and it makes my heart smile. You are not miss snuggle like you used to be but it makes those hugs and kisses you decide to share tha much sweeter. There are no words for how much your smile melts my heart and how much you make me laugh.. you are truly a great little friend to have around. I love you all the time, Grumpy, Happy, Sleepy, Silly, and even crazy! Your my big girl MK but you will always be my baby! xoxo