Monday, December 14, 2009

Winter Pictures

i love getting you guys all dressed up warm and cozy!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Card pics,

You two, you two are awesome.. but leave me no time to blog! I know its been forever and so many things are happening... but this i wanted to remember.I had a great time taking pics of you guys for Christmas cards, some were funny, some were awful, some were filled with love, some with pure honesty. It was a chore, but they turned out to be awesome, some i will save forever. I love this time of year with you guys, Mikayla.. you are Loving everything about the holidays, you get it so much more this year, and its so neat to watch and experience everything with you... you are a little sponge. Ryan, your such a simple little man, such a blessing, to have a child so amazed with things so simple as Christmas lights, and mommy singing Christmas songs to you. These things bring a big smile, i know its short lived before the i want gifts, i want cookies, i want to see Santa... that I'm remembering to stop and love it. this is a beautiful, wonderful stage in our lives.