Sunday, February 22, 2009


Mikayla finally got to meet her favorite person in the whole wide world! It was so exciting seeing her sweet little face light up to this creepy big Elmo dude.

We met Emma and Maria at the children's museum for some fun, the girls played for hours, and so did the grown ups... it was such a nice day!


This is Mikay's new word for her Grandma and finally she doesn't call them both Shawn! She was SO excited to see them when she got out of her shower on Friday night I thought she was going to POP! We had the best time playing, going to the park just hanging out this weekend. She defiantly loves her YAMA and of course her Shawn!

Monday, February 16, 2009

girl friends!

Mikay was lucky enough to have her friends Audrey and Izzy over today for a little girl time, they were so adorable! She practiced her big sister skills and even got some lessons from Audrey on how to take care of the baby dolls. They had a fun picnic lunch, and at the end of the morning we found Audrey helping Mikay get into bed, nap time! Sweet girls and a great mommy to visit with, what a fun day!

Full House

Daddy had his 25th bday this weekend and we had a full house to celebrate! Everyone rode up in the moterhome for the weekend and you loved every second! Your cousins were so much fun to play with and your uncles and papa and grandma took such good care of you! You loved watching everyone and being the center of attention is always your favorite! Daddy had alot of time to just hang out with everyone and loved being with his family too. Happy birthday daddy!


Love is in the air! Mikayla had so much fun at her second annual Valentines day bash with her buddies! The kids have all grown up together and it is super adorable when they can all get together and play. I love watching her be part of something so fantastic and its not bad for mommy either!
how much have these guys changed?
And, Daddy was so sweet and bought me the most insane VDAY gift ever, a BEAUTIFUL new camera! I can't believe I have one of my own now and am obsessed with taking pictures... umm sorry mikay moms face won't always have a big black thing stuck to it, I promise! We sure do love you Daddy!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Funny Faces

Mikayla, you are a funny lady that always makes everyone smile. thank you for being such a happy person in this world.



Today we saw brother again! He is growing fast and looking more and more like a little person, I think he is adorable already! Hurry up little boy we want to play with you!