Monday, November 8, 2010

Now, This is Love.

a year and a half Ryan, really!? I honest to goodness, still remember you floating around in my belly, waiting for you to come and meet us. I remember being so scared of having you, a boy.. what would i do with a boy?! son, you are a dream come true. one i didn't even know i had. You are a smile on my face, a laugh out loud, a hug a slobbery wet kiss, a growl a big rough and tumble little man. Ryan I hope you are as great of a man as you are a little boy. If that happens the world is going to be so blessed by all the wonderful things you will do. You are a mommas boy through and through. You and me baby are...stuck like glue. (who oh whoa... yes mikayla will sing it to you just ask! )
Some of your big deals in life this far are:
a big boy bed! this has been way to easy... i feel like it will get harder?!
no bottle, ever! yea for both of us!
still a paci boy. an addict. I'm not strong enough to take it yet... shhh
love to play guns/swords, don't ask me how you learned all this, its just something you started one day and i think its to funny to make you play nice games instead.
cling to momma, but will attack Dada as soon as he gets home for man time
love your sister, follow her,take her things,jump on her bed, hug her, kiss her, beat her up..the normal
are an espresso addict. no i had nothing to do with this. i NEVER had it prego, or while nursing! =)
love your grandma, shawnie and grandpa. talk to them in pictures and get so excited to see them in person!
talk to every dog you see, and Martha is your favorite! airplanes and stop to point and watch them, cry when they leave. sorry kid, no airplanes for Christmas this year.
enjoy tv, for a minute.
can run, jump, swing, teeter,climb,slide and tumble like a monkey
talk, some. kinda quiet, but mk makes up for it in our lives so we don't mind!
have a beautiful smile, chunky legs and big fat feet and toes.
Ryan, we love you, all of us. Yo make everyone happy. you are a joy of joys my son. i love watching you become this little boy, you are so big on my lap to snuggle to sleep but my boy we will do it until the day your feet touch the ground and longer still.