Monday, July 19, 2010

My Boy

Ryan: you are an unbelievable 14 months old! You have changed our world in so many ways, the best way is all the smiles you cause. You are a seriously little monkey, you get into everything and to yell at you is impossible bc you smile and laugh at us! You are sensitive, and when you really do get in trouble you get a big pouty lip and cry cry cry! You love water, climbing, mud, and trucks! You are a super picky eater... i don't think you have had a vegetable in month but we will keep trying. you say hi to every one we see and are working on a lot of other words to. So far we have hi, bye, ma, daddy, s'that, up, hot and alot of animal noises too! You love dogs and would probably love us forever if we got you one... we shall see. You love your sister, and try to do everything she does, and are becoming quite good friends regardless of the fights, and whatnot you will be buddies sometime soon, i swear on it! you are a great hugger, kisser, sweet snuggler and are a fun little dude. Slow down beef, quit getting so old! We all love you huggaroo.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010


We have been having so much fun with our friends this summer! I know I've been um, *seriously* a bad blogger but here's a super big picture post to make up for some of it. My kiddos are growing like weeds, and time is sparce but I am trying to keep this going so we have memories for years to come

playing mommy to two SWEEt cheeck little ladies! Monsoon Madness! with our nieghbors, Ryans best buddy Karter and him making some trouble!
Chick-Fil-A dress like a cow, so impossible to get a good picture!

Happy 4th~ K and Emma and Ryan!

Swimming!! We have a pool to use all summer right next door so we had a super playdate and the girls had a blast!!