Saturday, May 30, 2009

Funny Face

The other day when daddy was shaving, we let Mikayla play with shaving cream to, and she loved it! She put it on the mirror and on her, calling her and daddy "funny face! " This was all good untill....

Now we know... Desitin makes a good "funny face" on brother!

Friday, May 22, 2009

So far,

So Good. Its the best of both worlds really, a funny, giggly toddler and a snuggie little baby.


You and your Emma Lou Lou... I'm so glad you girls have had someone to grow up with and play! You have gone from Mikayla hitting Em on the head with toys when you could crawl and she couldn't, to you two running around together. Your favorite game as of right now is chase and its apparently most fun when you steal her snacks, she's such a laid back chick that she doesn't mind you being a bully, what a good friend. Hopefuly you girls will have many summer days together to come.

Friday, May 15, 2009

I am growing up so quick, a week old already and such a wonderful little man. I have survived a few bumps to my head.. ( sister thinks she is a monkey when she jumps on the bed ), my belly button looks normal, I have a binky but rarely use it.. sister tries but doesn't remember how!, and I love to sleep and be snuggled by whoever will hold me. I am a happy bundle of sweet baby, hope to see you all soon.

Love, Ryan

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

So Insane.

I have known Stephanie since we were three years old, and we bascially grew up as sisters our whole lives, I say this to try and expaline the insanity. So Ryan was born on Thursday, we got home Friday around noon, and we left for Tucson Saturday morning around eleven to make it to her wedding that night. Only for this girl would I pack up my newborn son.. stop and feed him at a pit stop and then drag him out for the night. Mikayla on the other hand... couldn't stop dancing, and going to visit the Princess Stephie. I am so glad we were there, even though I had to nurse in church... while feeding Mikayla crackers to keep her quiet and then sit at the reception guarding my son so no one would even look at him while he was tucked away safe in the sling. It was a beautiful night, crazy but worth it.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Big Sister!

Mikayla, You are surprising us every minute. You are a gentle, kind, sweet big sister and we are so proud of you! When brother first came home you were a little nervous... but then started asking "where is it, baby brother?" and eventually found him wherever he was and kissing him. You love to give hugs... even if they are a little tight, and tell him "shhh... its okay brother." You help put lotion on his feet, get diapers and even like to have milk when he is having his "booboo milk," thankfully you understand... even though you have asked.. that no its not for you! =) You have had a few more cries lately, and mom and dad are snuggling you more then ever to help you understand, but I think you already love him more than we thought possible. Its awesome, its like you already know hes okay, and here to stay and that its going to be a good thing. Mommy and Daddy are so proud of how much you are trying, and cant wait to see you grow up and be a great big sister for the rest of your lives.

The Little Man.

I finally have a sec, maybe... lets see if i can get through this...

Ryan is here! He came into this world on May 7, 2009, at 6 20 am, and let me tell you, if birth was always like that I would do it again tomorrow. I started having contractions around midnight... which I laughed through most of bc Mikay copied me the whole time... we got to the hosp around 3:00 and Maura got her outta there, thank goodness! The longest part of the night was the hour of iv pricks, apparently I have no veins however the poor anesthesiologist was tired of me yelling at him and gave me the epi as soon as he could! we hung out with my mom for a few hours and got some sleep, the dr broke my water and 20 min, 2 pushes later we had our dude!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009


So this has been a serious work in progress, but I think we finally have them done! It has been a real joy to make each room a special place for you special little people. This is Mikaylas first room as her nursery was with mom and dad in the apt =), so it is really exciting to have her own space that is just for her. She has loved smelling her flowers and being a butterfly, the curtains were made by yama, and she loves them, always wants to open and close them. We are still working on getting a bed we love for kay, but for now this is a good start for a big girl bed anyways!

Ryan we have decided will be a monkey anyways so why not decorate for it? We fell in love with the bed set and cant believe that this crib used to be girlie for sister, now its perfect for him!
Hopefully he enjoys the animals,
and bright blue wall!

The final days...

Of being an only child! Squeezing in some last min fun!

Lunch with your friends,

A little Girl time with momma,

Dinner out with mom and dad

and splashing with your Emma lou,