Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Go Get um dudes.

MK- you are insanely brave, sweet, funny, and confident. Eager to learn, ready for first grade!! you have officially ROCKED it. You get up before me most day, make lunch and are dressed ( most fashionably ) and ready to go.... just makes your momma so proud. When I hug you and kiss you and say I missed you I'm met promptly with an eye roll and a ya ya. you have made new friend, comforted kids who are sad, re connected with your old "gang" of tag playing groupies and already improved your reading and writing.... you will be an amazing first grader girl.  Go mk, conquer the world, momma loves you. xo
And my Ry. You are my sweet, sensitive, cautious, observer. You are okay with school, but remind me everyday that you could just stay home with mom and snuggle..... babe. you melt my heart and I'm so sorry we cant just sit and snuggle. But you big boy, are learning, and growing and becoming more and more brave even after only 3 days. I have never been so thankful to have a place to drop you and know deep in my heart as much as I want you to be my baby, its a great place for you to go and become the Ryan I know you are meant to be. Go get um MR. Mohawk.... show the world that smile, and make them laugh and fill that big head of yours with amazing things. xo momma