Thursday, January 29, 2009


There are moments that happen that seem impossible to blog about, but I thought I would give it a try. It's almost like I want them to just be our moments but then I'm afraid they will disappear so I need to try.

when it rained the other day, your sweater smelled like soap when it got wet, and your toes were muddy but i let you stick them in my pant leg to get warm again, you kept saying shower and laughing, how innocent.
You can watch people for hours, you are a sponge. When you sit back and watch I can see you little brain working away.

you sitting in grandpas chair reading elmo made me think about how big you are, how you can read with out mommys help now and that just watching you is a lesson for me.
the face, you have a way of telling me exactly what you feel with out a word. I am proud to say that you got this from your mommy, these are the days i feel like i am looking in a mirror.

sheer happiness. food. being outside. no self image issues. what i wish you could keep your whole life, you are beautiful ketchup, silly smile and all.

Sunday, January 18, 2009


As a mom sometimes these opportunity's strike and you can choose to let your kids be kids or to get all "mom" about it, and today I decided... what the hell. She was happier than I think I have ever seen her, denying her this would have been so sad and as cool as this was for her, I was proud of my self for letting go. This as you moms know can be hard. Granted I have a bathtub full of mud, some laundry and a ugly mud puddle in my yard, but these are the days memories are made from. I know this won't be the last mud mess I clean up in my life, and I'm glad I know that it will be okay.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Tis the Season,

For Parks! How lucky are we that the weather here is that perfect? Mikayla is soaking up the sun and so are mom and dad about every chance we get. The park is the best place for any one year old to be, ever, all the time! mikay and her friend "LO!"

taco bell picnic with the ducks

Friday, January 9, 2009


Ryan has officially been cooking for 22 weeks and 6 days and we are getting ready! So how sad that this is the first official belly shot for baby 2, but I'm trying I swear! We having been drilling Mikay about baby's, so if we see you and she calls your kid a baby, sorry! we are getting excited!


We couldnt figure out what Mikay was talking about but every morning after breakfast she wanted a shooer? so this is what it turned out being, what a big girl!


This child is a rag doll at heart, what a daredevil. Anytime she can she gets her daddy to toss her around, go upside down, and just be a monkey. We caught a few of the flying shots on camera finally, good times.