Monday, November 8, 2010

Now, This is Love.

a year and a half Ryan, really!? I honest to goodness, still remember you floating around in my belly, waiting for you to come and meet us. I remember being so scared of having you, a boy.. what would i do with a boy?! son, you are a dream come true. one i didn't even know i had. You are a smile on my face, a laugh out loud, a hug a slobbery wet kiss, a growl a big rough and tumble little man. Ryan I hope you are as great of a man as you are a little boy. If that happens the world is going to be so blessed by all the wonderful things you will do. You are a mommas boy through and through. You and me baby are...stuck like glue. (who oh whoa... yes mikayla will sing it to you just ask! )
Some of your big deals in life this far are:
a big boy bed! this has been way to easy... i feel like it will get harder?!
no bottle, ever! yea for both of us!
still a paci boy. an addict. I'm not strong enough to take it yet... shhh
love to play guns/swords, don't ask me how you learned all this, its just something you started one day and i think its to funny to make you play nice games instead.
cling to momma, but will attack Dada as soon as he gets home for man time
love your sister, follow her,take her things,jump on her bed, hug her, kiss her, beat her up..the normal
are an espresso addict. no i had nothing to do with this. i NEVER had it prego, or while nursing! =)
love your grandma, shawnie and grandpa. talk to them in pictures and get so excited to see them in person!
talk to every dog you see, and Martha is your favorite! airplanes and stop to point and watch them, cry when they leave. sorry kid, no airplanes for Christmas this year.
enjoy tv, for a minute.
can run, jump, swing, teeter,climb,slide and tumble like a monkey
talk, some. kinda quiet, but mk makes up for it in our lives so we don't mind!
have a beautiful smile, chunky legs and big fat feet and toes.
Ryan, we love you, all of us. Yo make everyone happy. you are a joy of joys my son. i love watching you become this little boy, you are so big on my lap to snuggle to sleep but my boy we will do it until the day your feet touch the ground and longer still.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010


So today started out kinda smelly, okay, really smelly... the kind of stink your eyes water when you pick the beef up from his bed and get slimed on stink. yea the little pooper went bananas in his bed and there was. shit. everywhere. gotta love early shower, and that awesome load of " please please come out clean laundry" followed by the awesome cloud of febreeze that makes its own awesomeness. following a day when i was passed out cold sick on the floor with no ac day today is promising. the ac is blasting at a beautiful 72, yes, i know, but i will get my seven hundred dollars out of you ac if its the last thing i do. we are going splashing today, nice. however, the weather report says showers... so do you pack up and go splash or just wait, for the rain that may come... ya you guessed it were going, even though i know when we get home and dry it will rain buckets and i coulda saved me some gas. gotta love it. little beef has snot from here to the moon but sharing sisters antibiotics ( shh don't tell the dr) seems to have made them somewhat go away. and oh yes, pam... you are bouncing around, yelling about who's waffles are bigger, begging for oliva and asking for more purple juice, so you my dear are just like normal. thank god for miss.backpack loving mk as much as we do, im terrified of her going to kinder and having a teacher who just doesn't have the same sense of humor we all do, and when k reminds her that her name is pam fartsalot we will get a nasty letter home about appropriate words in school. keep your fingers crossed for a ms.poopsalot or something just as awesome, or maybe a man teacher, maybe he would get it. okay so this was random, yes, i just felt like writing and today, sharing, in all its weirdness. thanks for listing, and whoever else is still checking in on us here! im ready for a super low key vacay, back in time to like the "good ol days" any one wanna come...?

Friday, September 3, 2010 can it be?!

My beautiful girl, no way that your three today. You have been such a huge part of my heart for three wondreful years now and I love every minute of you. You are smart, sassy, funny, naughty, silly, and super super creative and I can not imaginge you any other way. I love that you are super into pretend, making up funny words, games and names for everyone... Our family has two beautiful children, Pam Fartsalot and Beef Hot Link, and we are so blessed. You are a joy Mikayla, You make everyone you meet smile, you are smarter than you probably should be and i think its super great! You have a lot of friends, all of whom you completley adore and ask for often. I love that you love your brother "beef" and hug him after school and always want to wake him up during naps, although you two fight like cats and dogs you are buddies and it makes my heart smile. You are not miss snuggle like you used to be but it makes those hugs and kisses you decide to share tha much sweeter. There are no words for how much your smile melts my heart and how much you make me laugh.. you are truly a great little friend to have around. I love you all the time, Grumpy, Happy, Sleepy, Silly, and even crazy! Your my big girl MK but you will always be my baby! xoxo

Monday, August 2, 2010


Splashin in the MUD! grandpas monkies!


i love this!

family breakfast

we have been lucky enough to visit pinetop twice this summer! The kiddos have been so excited to outside, playing in the mud, rain and grass! We have had a blast with grandma, grandpa and shawnie! and now that they have their own cabin up there we will be there so much more!! YA! we love vacation!!

Monday, July 19, 2010

My Boy

Ryan: you are an unbelievable 14 months old! You have changed our world in so many ways, the best way is all the smiles you cause. You are a seriously little monkey, you get into everything and to yell at you is impossible bc you smile and laugh at us! You are sensitive, and when you really do get in trouble you get a big pouty lip and cry cry cry! You love water, climbing, mud, and trucks! You are a super picky eater... i don't think you have had a vegetable in month but we will keep trying. you say hi to every one we see and are working on a lot of other words to. So far we have hi, bye, ma, daddy, s'that, up, hot and alot of animal noises too! You love dogs and would probably love us forever if we got you one... we shall see. You love your sister, and try to do everything she does, and are becoming quite good friends regardless of the fights, and whatnot you will be buddies sometime soon, i swear on it! you are a great hugger, kisser, sweet snuggler and are a fun little dude. Slow down beef, quit getting so old! We all love you huggaroo.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010


We have been having so much fun with our friends this summer! I know I've been um, *seriously* a bad blogger but here's a super big picture post to make up for some of it. My kiddos are growing like weeds, and time is sparce but I am trying to keep this going so we have memories for years to come

playing mommy to two SWEEt cheeck little ladies! Monsoon Madness! with our nieghbors, Ryans best buddy Karter and him making some trouble!
Chick-Fil-A dress like a cow, so impossible to get a good picture!

Happy 4th~ K and Emma and Ryan!

Swimming!! We have a pool to use all summer right next door so we had a super playdate and the girls had a blast!!


Friday, June 11, 2010


K, you were a cutie patootie in the big dance recital! grandma,shawnie, mom, dad, ry, emma, maria and layla were all there to cheer you on! You kinda stood there and looked dazed a bunch but you busted out some of it so it was all good! you have no stage fright and looked, well, BEAUTIFUL! You made us proud little girl!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Go Go!

Oh my little Ry... you are a walker! "Whoop Whoop" as K says! We are so proud of you beefy boy!

Friday, May 7, 2010

Happy One!

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Thursday, May 6, 2010


A year of little man, a whole year passed, and you have our hearts in your chubby little hands.
A year of sweet kisses and splashes in the mud, all these things won the heart of even our little K bug.
A year full of all boy; big trucks, and bugs, thank goodness you still love to give us your big squishy hugs.
Late night snuggles with momma, quiet time while you nurse, so many silly songs that I made up more than one verse.
Water is your favorite toy, bath, puddles, heck, even the toilet brings you joy! Trucks go vroom, and the sheep says baa, your favorite… hi Dada!
Your chubby little legs, your monster growls, you are growing up so fast, time is certainly flying away from us somehow.
Hi, Dada and Boo, those were your firsts, then came Ma Ma for me and even a Ra Ra for sister, you sure are getting talkative mister.
A smile and wave for everyone you meet, how did we get a little man who is so sweet.
A year ago I couldn’t wait to see you, now tonight as I peek in while you sleep, you remind me of the day you were in this world so new.
When the sun comes up, your baby days are done, Have a good sleep… when you wake up you will be one!!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

two biggies....

Mikayla's first day of preschool!! So excited, you go big girl!! xo My big beefy 10 monther! Big cheezer boy we love you!! xoxo

Tuesday, March 2, 2010


Kayla got to be a "chocklick sunday" as she calls it and put on a show at a retirement home a few weeks ago with her dance class and was super cute! we were so proud of her, she did the whole dance and looked so adorable doing it! we are super excited for her big performance in the summer!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

nine monther

You my boy are getting so old!

At nine months:

you wave, clap, say dada, baba

make this funny whisper sounds like whats that at new things

pant like a dog hehe my fav!

weigh 23lbs, oh my beefcake!

army scoot, like a wounded soldier w a broken leg

pull up and stand on everything, including a dog who moves...

eat baby food and some table food, meat and chicken are your fav

nurse still about every 5 hours during the day, sleep 9-5 w.o eating

smile at everyone!

laugh, fake cough, and squeal when sister does

like your carseat and rides still make you sleep

are kind of shy

like the park, eating rocks,grass ect

love to be outside swinging

look at books
play with train the drives way from you the most
do a funny bob dance wiggle to music

ryan, you are just a sweetheart and we love you so much, i am sad you are getting so old, but still love our snuggles at night when you eat, you are so precious. we are so excited watching you grow and grow! xoxo

Wednesday, January 27, 2010



My upside down
My Do you see this boy

My kisses on a dirty face

My eyes that see the world so big

My smile that makes me laugh

My up when I am down

My maybe this is something cool

My big new world chubby little hands boy

My face that is my light

My grrr are you scared yet

My please fix this

My geez ma im good face

My way to cool for words face

My oh my goodness little man

Saturday, January 16, 2010


i LOVE everything about you but tonight i love:
the way you bob on my face with your mouth for a binky wen your sleepy
the way you smack your lips when i say are you hungry
they way you get so excited for food
how you clap one hand to the other, lazy
how you wave and look at your hand in amazement
how you cant focus on your food cuz sis is so much fun
how you crawl to the bathtub and try to climb in
how you know what tubby with bubby means
how you roll tight to your belly and curl up to sleep
how you hold hands when you nurse
that you smile when you see me
that you giggle just bc we do
that you sing after me
that you kiss on command
that you wont eat peas
that you smell yummy
that you have a manly bruise on your face
that you watch tv k maybe not love that
that you hug when you get picked up out of bed
that you cry when sis takes toys
that you are all man
that you are still my baby boy
that you are my forever son shine

Wednesday, January 6, 2010