Monday, November 18, 2013


Your children are not your children
They are the sons and daughters of Life's longing for itself.
They come through you but not from you,
And though they are with you yet they belong not to you.
You may give them your love but not your thoughts,
For they have their own thoughts.
You may house their bodies but not their souls,
For their souls dwell in the house of tomorrow,
which you cannot visit, not even in your dreams.
You may strive to be like them,
but seek not to make them like you.
For life goes not backward nor tarries with yesterday.

 Am I the last person in the world to ever hear this poem? I am loving it. "You may give them your love but not your thoughts for they have their own thoughts." "You may strive to be like them but seek not to make them like you".    Wowza. 

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Go Get um dudes.

MK- you are insanely brave, sweet, funny, and confident. Eager to learn, ready for first grade!! you have officially ROCKED it. You get up before me most day, make lunch and are dressed ( most fashionably ) and ready to go.... just makes your momma so proud. When I hug you and kiss you and say I missed you I'm met promptly with an eye roll and a ya ya. you have made new friend, comforted kids who are sad, re connected with your old "gang" of tag playing groupies and already improved your reading and writing.... you will be an amazing first grader girl.  Go mk, conquer the world, momma loves you. xo
And my Ry. You are my sweet, sensitive, cautious, observer. You are okay with school, but remind me everyday that you could just stay home with mom and snuggle..... babe. you melt my heart and I'm so sorry we cant just sit and snuggle. But you big boy, are learning, and growing and becoming more and more brave even after only 3 days. I have never been so thankful to have a place to drop you and know deep in my heart as much as I want you to be my baby, its a great place for you to go and become the Ryan I know you are meant to be. Go get um MR. Mohawk.... show the world that smile, and make them laugh and fill that big head of yours with amazing things. xo momma


Tuesday, July 30, 2013


 Summer was awesome. SHORT. fast and awesome. Both kiddos are insane swimmers, LOVING it! played a lot w friends, swam a lot, went on weird little day trips, you know summer ness at its best. 
And then...... WE GOT OUR DANCE ON! we love, I mean LOVE our studio, miss Mindy, all our friends, the awesome cute costumes, the fun music and the fun fun of watching my babies shake shake their booties for all to see. My MK was Amazing, brave confident, sassy as can be and BEAUTIFUL! Ry was nervous, but he wouldn't say it, he shook his little thrift shop booty and was the MAN! so proud.

happy fathers day babe! xo
did I tell you I HATE doing hair!

cool dude.
so sweet.
the best.


and the in july...... grandma took us all to the beach!!! Holy COW! a cute condo right on the beach, walked down every morning sat. and PLAYED! The kiddos were in Heaven!!! Ryan and mk are both collectors, so we got lots of stuff, but they both way got into the waves, building in the sand, and chasing birds. mike came for 4 days, and then it was my momma and shawnie and the kiddos. we all had so much fun together, it was a great week! I took only about 8gabillion pictures... but those are my favs I think!

Thursday, May 30, 2013

a MAY zing.

singing graduation

okay so I've been thinking why I don't post pictures on fb and I think bc I want all my pictures to have a story or a little bit of the memory written down.... I stopped blogging forever ago bc I was kind of over it.... but I way miss it and I think its back on ( like donkey kong....ha ryan. ) SO! no the pictures are not in order BUT....

goodbye kinder!
first ryan turned 4! holy moly! He's amazing, big and strong and crazy and fun and smart and my love. we had a giant crazy party and an awesome trip to the zoo with some besties... he's a lucky fellow. he also played tball and although he like ladybugs and birds better he seemed to enjoy it.... and dad being a big helper was awesome.

then....mothers day happened and oh goodness let the construction paper, pipe cleaners and handprint poems fly.... it was super awesome and included breakfast in bed. done.

next.... Ryan graduated from preschool year one.... and momma and daddy are proud little dude. You rocked that.

and then.... a giant awesome 3 day trip to grandmas cabin happened and it was super super fun because our cousins came and partied with us. we swam in frigid lakes and rives, got muddy, camped out and pretty much just were together. having a blast. love you all together like this being a family...awwwww.

finally.... my mk is done in kinder!! you rocked this year girl, new friends, learned to read like a champ, add, subtract, sing and you know all the good kinder stuff. you are growing up! graduation was way cute singing and dancing and mom doing the happy cry... good times.

It's SUMMER!!! whoop.


one year to go =)

momma says you need a bath! get in there!
thanks for helping me change in the woods babe, you rock

pre-trip baking....

daddy is the best t-ball dad EVER! hot boys!

water day!
I'm four....and I have MUSCLES!

four baby!!

birthday walk.... I'm so embarrassed mom!
best mothers day glasses and kisses ever!

check out my feet!
four little monkeys sitting in a tree.,...

peach kisses....
can you survive on smores?

s'more love.....

the Buckys!

talent show.... you rock.

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

mk joe.

my girlio. its been a while since I have sat down to tell you all the things I have been thinking about you. kindergarten is almost over- ps.... it flew by.- and you have shown me things about you I never thought possible. you are shy... ha my little noisy boisterous girl has a quiet side. you hang back, and wait to be welcomed and once your in you take charge, you better be a boss of something big some day kid with your leadership you will be great at it. you are so so kind. you always are worried about other kiddos, how they are feeling, what they are doing, some call it nosey, mom calls it sweet ha!. you have started to like to snuggle, and let me tell you kid... its weird. you have never been the kid to crawl in my lap, hold my hand or kiss me and hug me till I cant breath and now you do.... mikayla, it literally is the best. feeling. ever. you have started to cry when I leave, im annoyed on the outside because seriously.... but inside it makes me so happy, you love me? you want me around?! awesome. we bicker... your like a teenager already and its maddening. but you know what, its kinda fun. your like a little friend, and you have an opinion and a way of getting things your way and I think that we will try to kill each other over it but im loving the fact that when your older this will work out for you in Amazing ways. your a good big sister, most of the time, you drive him NUTS and that is actually so your job so you win at that to. you like your quiet time, you like to read and draw and play quietly and have your own space. you are getting girley... nail polish, jewelry, BOYS ewwww..... and even dressing all pretty, my girl. maybe you can teach your old momma some things. I love you k jo. your amazing. stop growing up. ok?! xo moma

my boy. at 4.

may 8, 2013
    Hi my ry ry.
(if your a stink your going to notice that this is a day late, but let me tell you yesterday was worth the fact that I didn't do this till today. we were at the zoo for 6 hours with our friends and let me tell you kid, you had a blast)

Your four now dude. weird. like freking your mom out weird. you are such a  big boy now and momma misses her baby. you are amazing ry. you are smart, funny and have a smile that could charm anyone. your face just lights up and a giggle can come from your toes that cause the world to stop and listen. four years ago you changed your mommas heart when you were born, I just wasn't sure that I could love another baby as much as I loved your sister, but my heart stretched and grew in ways that I never thought possible. I love that your sweet, you always want other people to be happy. you are funny, always saying isn't that funny mom? like you really want us to get it. you have bonded with your daddy, he's loving this big boy stuff...t ball, hip hop dancing, starting to read.... how could a daddy not love? you don't really have a favorite toy, although guns, and iron man are the best currently.... you just play... with whatever. you love to swing, jump on the trampoline and swim.... you love music, I think its because your in the car so much with me these days but you can sing the heck out of pretty much any song on the radio. dance has brought you into this confident goofy entertainer and I love love love watching it. you have blossomed so much since the days of shy clinging to momma. you wake up early, like you just cant wait to start something new. you and mk have this bond, like besties, some times I even felt left out of your little world, when you play mole hole in my closet or pirate ship in my tub I think gosh how lucky the two of you are to have one another cuz I kinda don't get the games most of the time. you love your friends, and playing with them is when you are super happy. in school your bored a lot, not a big sit down and do kinda kid but ryan your so smart. Its amazing when you learn something how proud you are, and how much you have already learned has gotten me excited for whats to come. I still think you are the worlds best hugger. hands down when you go to squeeze someone or snuggle up into my lap I swear to you I melt into a puddle. im way okay if you stop growing up now my boy. your amazing right now. amazing. except the few tantrums you have had that way stink... your a sweet little man and I don't want that to ever change. you are handsome. so handsome. and perfect. ryan, I wish for you..... candy, chips, root beer, big slide, swimming pools, music, big nosey guns, boats and fast cars, I wish for you twinkle twinkle little stars and socks that slide when you run. I wish for you hugs and snuggles and lizards and trampolines as big as the sky. happy birthday my ryan. xo momma.