Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Fun times

We have been super busy, any doing all kinds of cool stuff, and I have had no time to write any of this down!
First off Ryan, my little man,
your first big boy swing outside... i don't think you even noticed, your fingers were much to interesting...mommas sleeping beauty.. i heart this time little dude togetherand yes, rolling down the hill in the park, I'm glad you can sit up now!
and miss k...
ahh yes, the polka.
We went to Oktoberfest... and you K rode on the Ferris wheel with daddy...momma was a nervous nancy but I smiled and blew kisses the whole time, you will NOT get being afraid of rides from me! We got to play by the water and play games and dance, to yes, Polka haha kiddo you loved it! What a dweeb!

We got some pets! A fish and two frogs, whom all are named goldie. weirdo. We are really hoping all the poking and peek a boo doesn't give them a heart attack...
K and Jackson have become quite the little pair, and you call him your best friend.. its super cute watching you two beat each other up and then be bff's again! He is such a trooper playing dress up!

Saturday, October 3, 2009


Every single breath you take is a breath of mine,
You make me breath, deeper.
Every smile you share is a piece of my heart,
You are my reason.
Every adventure you seek is a scare,
You take my breath away.
While we play you learn, I teach,
As you grow, you teach, I learn.
When you laugh the flowers dance,
Now I must slow down and smell them.
Tiny fingers wrapped around my hand,
Souls entwined in my heart.
As you sleep you dream.
You are mine, come true.