Thursday, February 11, 2010

nine monther

You my boy are getting so old!

At nine months:

you wave, clap, say dada, baba

make this funny whisper sounds like whats that at new things

pant like a dog hehe my fav!

weigh 23lbs, oh my beefcake!

army scoot, like a wounded soldier w a broken leg

pull up and stand on everything, including a dog who moves...

eat baby food and some table food, meat and chicken are your fav

nurse still about every 5 hours during the day, sleep 9-5 w.o eating

smile at everyone!

laugh, fake cough, and squeal when sister does

like your carseat and rides still make you sleep

are kind of shy

like the park, eating rocks,grass ect

love to be outside swinging

look at books
play with train the drives way from you the most
do a funny bob dance wiggle to music

ryan, you are just a sweetheart and we love you so much, i am sad you are getting so old, but still love our snuggles at night when you eat, you are so precious. we are so excited watching you grow and grow! xoxo