Monday, January 27, 2014

just a few thoughts.

My Mikayla, blue, sis, lil lady. Momma is just overwhelmed a little bit by you these days, and no...not in a bad way. You are beautiful, can i just say that? Lately, when you get dressed for school, have your hair all brushed, or when your riding down the street on your rockin big bike, you literally take my breath away. You glow, your just so pretty. i know all moms think this about there babies, but it has hit me like a mac truck lately and i know i tell you this a lot, but i wanted to write it you know. another thing, your a frekin genius. school is so easy for you, and i LOVE IT. you are reading like a champ, blowing through your math facts and more importantly, you are excited every.time. you learn something new. you talk about rocks and pilgrims and food groups like they are the coolest things ever and its so fun. you say things that make laugh, you say things that make me cringe, you say things that scare the crap out of me, and you say things that make me sit back and think, good grief I'm proud to know you. my favorite conversation with you the other day, you were asking about your freckles, and i told you the angles kissed you and left a mark, you liked that, and moved on....then later you said hey mom, i bet god has a lot of freckles huh? adorable. you say things about god a lot, about the sunrise, the sunset, the clouds looking like ocean, the way angles are watching us... we don't talk about that stuff a ton around here and you are bigger than that, you do it on your own, i like that you know things i don't always talk about. you do things like bring me and dad breakfast in bed and make the waffles into butterflies and honey into a heart, this makes me think someday girl, you will be an amazing mommy. you are sensitive to the girls at school, what they feel and think about you, you want to be liked, that scares me a little and makes me hope that you work on the important things to be liked for. your teacher when asked about a lower grade on a report card in the behavior section, says she can be bossy.... but i think shes just trying to help, and my response.... yep. that's my mk. grandpa says we need leaders, bosses in this world, you just need to practice how you approach your leadership skills. i think he may be right. i cry thinking about how big your getting, how fast you've become a little lady, less my baby and i miss you being little. i miss you being all mine. you are going to be an amazing big girl, and i'm really excited i get a front road seat to your journey bug. i want you to learn to love your bother in a less obnoxious way, i want you to be besties, i know right now that's rough, hes a little much of a four year old boy, but that's my dream for you and him. I'm hoping when you are older you and him can be family, and friends, i hope your babies are friends, i hope your his wife's friend, i hope your the mom he will always need if im not around. i hope you are amazing when your older as you are now. i hope you know that you are my dreams come true.