Thursday, October 30, 2008


So this kid makes me laugh harder and harder EVERY day! She is so funny these days and I had to share some the beautiful moments we have caught the last few weeks,
checking out the new cabniets, playing BOO with yep, herselfSPLASH! my new favorite way to make mom laugh

.. I SWEAR it was her! =)

Saturday, October 25, 2008

much better!

The pumpkin patch close to home was a much better hit! Mikay had fun with all her buddies and even got a pumpkin that is just her size! ps, look grandma the outfit FINNALY fits!

Monday, October 20, 2008

Not So much..

So we drove a long ol drive to the pumpkin patch in Wilcox this weekend, and it was kind of a bust! Ugg, it was hot and crowded but we still had some fun. We had some yummy pie ( this stuff is a preggo ladys dream... hot and yummy pie with ice cream... oh my goodness! im so ready to make the drive again just for that! ) and burgers in the apple field, and then went on a hay ride to get some pumpkins, Mikay would not wear her shoes, so she looks like quite the hillbilly in the pumpkin patch barefoot, but whatever its all good!


This weekend was full of them! Grandpa had a bday dinner, he turned, well lets just say he got older =) and we had so much fun celebrating! Shawn thought it would be funny so we got him a cake that siad happy bday old man....sonly something your kids could get away with! Mikay and him and are like two peas in a pod and can not get enough of each other, I have never seen my dad so happy then when she is around, its so neat!

Then was Aunt Jess's b-day and we had a yummy lunch with her and our family, Mikay and her cousins are quite the addition to any quiet restaurant! She is so good with Mikay... it is so nice to have a mommy to help! and of course I got to hang out with the first two loves of my life before my mikay, the little men!

And Jacob turned 3! He had a party at the park and Mikay got her first jumping castle experience! She was so funny trying to jump like the big kids, and she loved falling down backwards, we hope she gets that the floor isn't that soft normally!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Beautiful Little Girl.

Our friend Christa was so awesome and took some amazing one year old pictures the other day for us. Mikayla and her had a fun morning in the park, and at her house getting some great shots. Mikayla had been up since 6 am and not napped, by the time left it was noon and she was so tired, Christa is super talented to have gotten such nice pics with a crabby one year old! These are some of my favs, I had such a hard time picking them!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008


How much fun is this?!? Ahh to be one again!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

home sweet home

painted outside...
our kitchen, tiled, painted and cabinets up!

the master bathroom, the fixtures are hideous, so they are hiding! =)


Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Expecting the Unexpected

So as you all know we are expecting again, just wanted to update the due date is may 9th, and we will know the sex sometime around 18 weeks, about 9 more weeks. Thank you guys for being so supportive of this whole thing, and for letting me vent about being stressed! I'm so grateful that I have such good "two baby mommies" role models, it makes this whole thing seem do-able! any ways I will keep you all updated.

Mommy Loves,

the way you come around the corner and say BOO!
how we can read the same book over and over
the way you kiss us, just because
that you make elephant noises in public
the way you scream when you laugh when daddy tickles you
that you want peas on your pizza
how you run away after your bath to hide by daddy so you don't get dressed
how much you love to do your Indian dance
the way you roll over and wave to mommy in the morning
that you love your belly button
the smile I get when we sing silly songs
that you are brave enough to go through the park tunnel now
how you love mommy and daddy to kiss
how much fun you have become!