Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Sunny Days

I love this weather! Mikayla is miss outside these days and helping daddy in the backyard is a new favorite thing to do. Thank goodness we have a little longer before its way to hot!
the ball pit doubles as a pool, who woulda thought?yummy ice cream!

Grandpa came to play!Mike got some beautiful roses to plant!

Monday, March 9, 2009

Old McDonald had a farm,

And on this farm there was a goat... EIEIO ( who wanted to eat you.. yes, eat you.)
There was a cow...( who was really smelly and you really liked him? ) EIEIewww...

And there was a chicken ( actually a lot of them, who all had really crazy hair.. you have never laughed so hard! ) EIEIO

And after this farm you needed a tub, cuz cow poop dosent smell that great. and after that tub you came out the cutest little Elmo I ever did see.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009


You got your second chance to play in the snow last weekend with your Yama and Shawn in the White Moutians. We stayed in a cabin, went sledding, and played outside alot! The snow made you mad because you couldn't figure out why the ground moved when you walked on it it was actually really funny to watch! We got to learn new word like lake, river and ice... it was so neat watching you learn. You are a great traveler and other than getting up at 5am to play with your family you were a pleasure. So much fun to be in the best weather around!

you were super funny in this jacket, you thought you were so cool bc we borrowed it from jonah and walked around poing and saying nonah all day!