Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Julys pics

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Ahh yes another trip to the mountains, and it was wonderful! Mikayla played all day outside, and loved every second of her freedom! We hung out with Yama, Shawnie and Grandpa all week and fished, played with geese and took awesome long walks every night. Ryan loved to be outside to, and loved to talk to the trees when he was laying under them. At our friends house the dog Yukon was so funny licking him and trying to roll him over with just his nose, it was pretty stinkin cute! You guys are such great travelers!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009


Buddy: and his blankie... Ryan loves to sleep with the blankie in between his arms, so sweet
Beaches: okay, its a fake one, but at Monsoon Maddness ( a water play thing) they had a great pretend beach where you could hunt for shells! Bouncing: Mikayla and friends ( and us moms! ) had a great time bouncing and sliding at a bounce place... so cool!

Ballerina: Yes, our little lady is now an offical ballerina, she started a dance class through our parks and rec and loves it! Here she is being quite the model in her "toot-toot"

Blow Out: Okay, sorry about the poop picture but couldnt pass it up... the look on Mikes face is priceless... I love when this stuff happens to dads!

Bubbles: Mikay and Lou Lou taking a tub! How fun to have a bubble buddy!

Thursday, July 9, 2009


Hey big boy, Happy two months. You are such a sweet little man... not to much to report, you just eat and sleep and give us beautiful baby grins. Our best time of day is first thing in the morning in the big bed when sister comes and joins us, you get lots of snuggles and love to talk to us about your night. Quit growing up so fast! We love you.

Stats: 13lb and are 24 in long.

Monday, July 6, 2009


We had so much fun the 4th! Uncle Matt's family came up to BBQ, play and go see fireworks, or as Mikay calls them "BOOMS!" We went to Schnep Farms and saw an awesome display of fireworks that were pretty loud, but after the inital shock she enjoyed them and Ryan slept through them all... what a trooper! It was so nice having our family to celebrate a fun holiday!

chubby bunnys!