Sunday, May 11, 2014


Five years of loving this boy. Five years of being amazed at how awesome one little man can be. Five years of falling in love again every time he hugs me, every time he say i love you mommy. Ryan, you rock. You are five, all boy, all crazy, wild, gross man, dork, silly, snuggles, smart, gangster, annoying little brother.... you are awesome. This year at school you have blossomed, love math, not so much reading but its getting easier, made some amazing friends, got kissed by a beautiful blond... dude, its been good. You have had my heart since the minute i met you.... you are my man always. You and your sister fight like CRAZY but snuggle when you have a nightmare, there's hope. You are into big boy stuff, guns, Skylanders, football, hip hop.... I'm trying to keep up, thank goodness you have a rockin daddy to be the man with you. kindergarten is right around the corner, and you are excited! i cant wait to see the next adventure. Your laugh is insane, your giggle can be pure joy or  pure evil like when you shoot me with a water gun and love every second of my screaming. You are a joy to be with, you are a sweet soul, cry when movies are sad, get hurt feelings quick, take care of others when they need you, you will be an amazing man. you are into being silly, and if you can make someone laugh its on. We cant imagine a day with out our ry ry. Cant believe your FIVE!

Your party this year was WILD, fun and full of friends. It makes me so humble to see all the people who came to celebrate YOU. They love you, I love you, Your daddy Loves you, your sister loves you. You are a lucky man. xoxo