Friday, December 26, 2008

Some fun.

Christmas doesn't have to be just for mikay right? mom and dad got in on some of the action!
The "Honey Do List" just got a little easier to accomplish!
They were watching the goofy dog.... but seriously, aren't the cute?

Okay so these footed PJS would be funny any ways but you shove my big ol preggo belly in them and you couldn't ask for a funnier sight.

My mom and I got each other the EXACT same hummingbird feeder how random!?

even baby brother got in on some of that Christmas action... his first shirt!

So fun!

We had so much fun this Christmas! I love that Mikay actually gets it, it makes the holidays so much more fun when you love them through a child's eyes. She pulled off the paper, and said " cool " to everything, it was super funny! Santa was good to the little lady, she will be busy!her new baby! mikay needs the practice, and this baby is super demanding, asking to eat, for diaper changes, to go for a walk and to go to bed, and crying if she doesn't get it. Okay so mom gets practice too! Grandpa was proud to get the most annoying gift.... way to go!Do you see the face?!

Monday, December 22, 2008


my lala shoes, for those of you who have Elmo obsession in your house to you get it!
we like to color now, more eat them the color but still, its good stuff

telling daddy cheese, for the camera and the pizza!

not really a cheese shot but how cute is she?!

holding the pose for mommy to get the camera!

since daddy is at work SO much latley, we have a lot of free time....

cheese in the park, what a beautiful december day!

So my kids an official cheese head. She LOVES the word and if you bust out a camera she goes after the poses like a crazy model! she will even hold a pose while you get a shot and makes sure you say cheese to! I think these pics are so funny, even if they are CHEESEY! =)

Happy Holidays!

Hey everyone! oh my goodness I miss Internet! so we have a had a super busy month and have loved being * home * to decorate and enjoy the season. Mikay is finally into the Christmas thing, she looks at the tree and see OHHHH and even plays with her daddy's scooby doo stocking. We saw Santa and now she can say HO HO Ho, to funny. This is the official holiday card pic from when we went to mikes work party and had be fancy anyways, good time for a photo opp.