Friday, April 25, 2014


When I read about this the other day, I felt inspired... here's the whole idea...

"The other day I was having one of those self-pitying IS THIS ALL THERE IS sort of days -- you know, when you feel caught in a bleak Sisyphean loop of wiping up crumbs and making meals, which create more crumbs then wiping up those crumbs? -- and the next morning I randomly took a photo of my 6-year-old when he was still in bed and I thought, Actually, this is EVERYTHING. The messes, the cyclical tasks, the grind and the glory. For the rest of that day, I took photos with my cellphone. One after another, nothing framed, nothing well-lit, just random images documenting my day. When I look back on them now, I see a lot of mundane, totally unexciting activities ... that add up to a comforting wave of pure joy. Look how good it all is.

So here goes nothing......
630 is not my favorite time of day

seems however, that you two are already on the move

yum. I swear.

packed lunch, water....and last night dishes apparently.
homework, at know, the normal.
he always wants to come in the morning. sad face.
let me take a selfie... and make sure I have no more toothpaste..


waiting for your friend at school drop off.
forgotten backpack...HURRY
ahhhhh...moms zumba time. happiness.


off to preschool, peace dude.
singing the states song before pickup

lunch date with my handsome boy.
stories.... ahh the little critters, classic. .
can you sit. and be quiet please?!

waiting for mk...

bored. waiting, hanging out of the roof singing...
beautiful welcome back smile. hot mess, but beautiful.

kickboxing, laundry time... seriously fighting about EVERYTHING!

               hey daddy!                                               multi task- homework, dishes.

I cant even see Ryan, what I know, he's smiling. being beat with a hammer.
Mk homework. researching a

remember that yummy dinner, dad ate it. no one else. this is normal. ugh.
grown up music on my way to dinner.

blessed mom time out. happy. drinks. food. giggles! grownups!

I wish I could have seen this go down, as it is one of my favorite times. Daddy reading, singing, tucking into bed. the best daddy in the world. two chapters in our book, one in each bed. backs rubbed, songs sung, kisses given. happy babies.

After looking back at all these little things I realized one big serious thing. I am incredibly thankful. I am thankful that you are my babies, and that you are my whole life. Today was an exceptionally normal day ( except me going out to dinner....ummm bonus, and that daddy was not in many pictures.... he worked hard today, not much time for mom and him together. but he was with you a lot.  ) And guess what, even though I complain tirelessly someday about each one of these activites, waking up early, driving in circles, chores, arguing, ect I am so PROUD that your daddy chose to let me to be the one to get to do it all. everyday. all day. and I will continue to remember that I am lucky for each breath I take with you.
 That you are the millions of little tiny memories, smiles, snuggles and seconds that make up who I am. You are me, and your Daddy, and you are both incredible. I'm loving every second dudes. 

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