Thursday, September 11, 2014


Hey my MK.  Seven years old now huh girlie. That's a big deal I think, where the heck did that come from. I know I know its cliché, but I remember you being a baby, a tiny tiny little girl, so sweet snuggly and cute, I remember you toddling around in those pig tails, and getting your first pair of shoes and your first time on the swings and now, my mk, your a kid. a real big kid. you go to school and are amazing, and I miss you. Our moments together now seem precious. I feel like I get fleeting minutes with you when I'm not telling you to get ready, get dressed, hurry up.... quit hitting your brother, sit down, lets go, and I think as much as it sucks, that's life. I crave a couch snuggle, a lingering bed time hug, an extra kiss when you get home from school all sweaty and smelling like kid.... you are still mine, your still my girl. when you sing in the shower, and dance around booty poppin and giggly your mine, when you want to give things to other people to make them happy, when you try and make people laugh, when you want to be crazy and just let loose, I see me and I'm so thankful. You are so your daddy mk, smart, so smart, crazy school smart and I'm proud of you. you are serious, your a thinker, your shy, your a dork, your so your dad, and I love it. I love seeing what I love in him, in you. your your grandma, sewing gardening recycling reading, your are her. and I love it. watching my mom shine in you makes me excited, she is amazing, so are you. at seven your crazy fun, grown up, missing a tooth (finally) a sponge still always learning more. Your a good kid, you are naughty and crazy but a good girl. you love hard, get your feelings hurt quick, take everything personal, and are full of advice since you know it all, obviously. you are our girl, we are flying through life, seven years since we met you and fell in love, and its getting stronger Mikayla, everyday I love you more. Your party was arts and crafts with a bijillion kids, and as each one walked in the door and you hugged them it made me happy. kids like Jackson who are more family, all the times you guys played together, all the memories bond you guys and its perfection. new friends from school make you extra excited, and I love watching you show yourself to them, cautiously, learning how be accepted, to be wanted and I hope and pray for you to make the friends who like all of you. seeing you with kids like brin and ky who know you inside and out, love you for who you are make me fell relived, like I'm doing something right keeping these friends in your court. I hope this year you become more comfortable of who you are , learn to love the journey of being a girl, making new friends, being okay with out growing old ones, being a brownie and a dancer and a sister and daughter.... you have a lot of shoes to fill chipper. I just want  you to be you, you were beautifully and wonderfully made and you have a lot to give my girl. I couldn't do this with out you mk, you are my little rock and I'm so tankful to have a daughter to love forever, just remember to take it easy on me, I'm still a little scared of you girl. =) happy seven. love you.

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